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Minimized Volatility

The Rubius wallet, “Aryl”, protects your funds from rapid value loss. If you enable Aryl’s Volatility Shield, received crypto is automatically exchanged for fiat or a selected stable currency. And if you want to send payments in cryptocurrency, the wallet converts outgoing funds back to your preferred coin or token.

Social Payments

Easily send and receive cryptocurrency with Aryl’s intuitive payment service.

Maximized Profits

Our cryptocurrency exchange, Rubiex, offers a diverse selection of coins, and all transactions trade with a consistent .1% fee, an extremely low rate compared to competitors.

Ready For Adoption

User error accounts for 95% of lost cryptocurrency; the interfaces are too confusing. Mass adoption requires accessibility. Rubius’ user-friendliness welcomes every audience, not just the tech savvy.

The Rubius (RUBY) Cryptocurrency

RUBYs have immediate utility. Using RUBY coins as your trading pair reduces fees by 50%, and they are the default payment method on the Aryl app.

As we introduce new blockchain solutions to the Rubius network, RUBYs will always be integrated to increase utility and demand.

Proceeds from the Rubius ICO will go towards development and marketing costs.

Initial Coin Offering ICO


August 21, 2018

Total Number of Coins

300,000,000 RUBY


September 25, 2018

Number of Coins Sold

210,000,000 RUBY (70%)

Exchange Listings

Coming Soon!

Market Cap

2,000,000 USD

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Distribution of Coins

Use of Proceeds

The Rubius (RUBY) cryptocurrency operates on the Ethereum platform, making it compatible with any Ethereum wallet or third-party exchange.

Our Roadmap RoadMap

November 2017

Rubius Project Began

Q1 2018

Recruited Team & Wrote Whitepaper

Q2 2018

Developed Aryl App Demo

Q3 2018

Rubius ICO

Q4 2018

Exchange Listings

Q1 2019

Launched Aryl App

Q2 2019

Developed Rubiex Platform

Q3 2019

Registered Rubius as broker-dealer

Q4 2019

Added stocks, ETFs, and other tradable assets to Rubiex

Q1 2020

Added P2P Micro-Loans to Aryl

Q2 2020

Added P2P Smart Escrow to Aryl

Q3 2020

Developed POS Software

Q4 2020

Developed Payment Gateway Software

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Frequently asked questions FAQS

These are the most common questions we get. If you have additional questions, feel free to get in touch using the contact form below.

Rubius is a fintech software startup which plans to grow into a futuristic banking institution, where all of our products, services, and solutions will be powered by cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

Rubius Inc. will be offering a full-suite of trustless financial products. Our three initial products are the Rubius (RUBY) cryptocurrency coins, the Aryl payment app, and the Rubiex cryptocurrency exchange.

Aryl is designed first-and-foremost as a payment app. It is going to be more consumer-friendly and all-inclusive. And, Aryl's Volatility Shield feature will eliminate the risks of using cryptocurrency.

Rubiex will essentially be the American-version of Binance. It will feature the Rubius coins, hundreds of other ERC-20 tokens, and the major cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, Ethereum, etc. Rubiex will eventually grow into a multi-asset exchange, hosting many types of tradable assets, such as stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and more; making Rubiex an all-in-one trading platform.

Rubius is having this ICO to raise the funds needed to finish developing Aryl and Rubiex. We want to provide the world with high-quality, user-friendly cryptocurrency software, and hope to use our products to offer trustless banking services.

Although the cost will be 1 ETH = 7000 RUBY, we will be offering bonuses to early participants. In the weeks 1 and 2, the bonus will be 25%. In weeks 3 and 4, the bonus will be 18%. In the final week, there will be a 10% bonus.

In the Rubius ICO, the only method of purchase will be using Ethereum (ETH). For those unable to make payment in ether, but would still like to participate, please contact us at:[email protected]

You should get whitelisted by registering for the ICO on our website. This will allow you to secure an earlier, discounted price.Register Here.

Rubius is a cryptocurrency developed by and named after Rubius Inc. To avoid confusing the company with their cryptocurrency, the cryptocurrency will almost always be referred to as Rubius coins or RUBYs. RUBYs were deployed on the Ethereum blockchain, and they operate on the ERC-20 Token Standard.

RUBYs will be used in all of our future products, services, and solutions. At first, this will just include the Aryl payment platform and the Rubiex exchange. However, in the future, we plan to offer a vast array of financial services implementing RUBY, such as merchant tools (i.e. Point-Of-Sale software and secure payment gateways). Learn more here:Rubius Whitepaper

Although cryptocurrencies like Tron and QTUM attempt to confuse you with overly-complicated whitepapers, there is no difference (code-wise) between them and RUBYs. They are all basic ERC-20 tokens.

You can view the full code for the Rubius cryptocurrency here:View Token Code

The Rubius ICO is open to any and all participants.

You must be provide either a passport photo or a local government ID. We will also require a selfie (an image of yourself) to verify the documents are yours.

No. The Rubius coins are a utility token designed to operate as a currency similar to bitcoin, ether, and fiat currencies.

Yes, the Rubius ICO will be adhering to all U.S. securities laws and regulations and, with the help of our legal counsel, we will be striving to remain compliant with the laws and regulations of all applicable countries.

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Any question? Reach out to us and we’ll get back to you shortly.

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